Monday, September 28, 2015


SURPRISE!!! The blog is back - for a little while at least! Considering my last post was over a year ago, I have a lot of catching up to do. We will start with one of the new members of our clan: Chewbacca. 

The summer and fall after Mase turned one, we had been toying around with the idea of getting a puppy. I wanted another baby so this was Joshy's way of holding me off for a while jokes on you Joshy! Mommy always wins!!. We also both grew up with dogs and wanted Mase to experience that relationship as well. 

So our search for the perfect breed began. If you know me, this meant I had 5728942830432 different notebooks full of research on different dog breeds. We wanted a dog that would be great with infants, low maintenance, low energy, not high risks medically, etc. We finally narrowed down the list and then I began to talk to different breeders as well to ask their opinions - given their experience I'm sure they would know best. We finally narrowed down our breed: 

Meet Chewbacca - Chewy for short. He is a newfoundland and will become Mase's best friend/ partner in crime. At this point, Chewy is 10 weeks old weighing close to 20 lbs. He has been the absolute BEST dog. The research that I did paid off because we could not have found a more tolerant dog with an infant. I'm telling you for small children, this breed is THE BEST! 

Chewy attempting to participate in bath time. This will never change. 

The first of many endless body slams. He literally just waits them out. 

Here are some pics of him over the next year (man time flies!):

3 month check up

4 months 

6 months 

As you can see, Chewy fits in so well with our family! I am sure I will go back and update with more stories of Mase and Chewy's adventures - because they are hilarious! Chewy has been the absolute BEST dog for our family and I highly recommend a Newfie for everyone!