Tuesday, October 6, 2015

T's Newborns

I just have to tell y'all. Stephanie with Stephanie Aldridge Photography. If y'all ever need any photos done, you should check her out! She was here for hours because my children were SO uncooperative. I was so nervous they didn't give her anything. But that's the thing about Stephanie. She gets the shots that nobody can. I got these pics back and am in LOVE with them.

So thank you Steph SO much! You are beyond AMAZING! 

I will say that Chewy was my most cooperative child. And even then, sometimes he was a pain! 


There are times when he looks EXACTLY like Mase!

And in between getting T ready, she even got some awesome shots of my big boy! 

Make sure to check Steph out at stephaniealdridgephotography.com or like her page on Facebook! Thank you again Steph SO much! 

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