Monday, April 14, 2014

9 Month Update

Well it's been another 3 weeks. We've been so busy that I've had trouble remembering what day it is lately. I'm going to try to keep this one as short as possible but we have 3 weeks of stuff to catch up on. (sigh) Let's get started with the 9 month check up! 
Height: (I can't remember, I'll have to add this back in later)
Weight: 21 lbs 6 ounces

He said that he is normal on his weight and the tallest in his class for height. Go Mase! 

Here's some pics of the happy boy:

He figured out he could rock back and forth. Now he always goes straight to this chair or his rocker to rock

Feeding: Home boy eats so much food! He is still doing his bottle in the morning and evening but he doesn't take a bottle during the day. He usually eats small pieces of people food. Doctor S told us to make sure that we are giving him all kinds of foods right now because soon he'll become picky and the more different types of food we give him the more he will be willing to try in the future. He also told us to make sure that we are eating the same foods in front of him. Research has shown that if parents don't eat the same foods that they are giving their children then it is less likely the child will eat the food the parents want them to. He said that children are constantly mimicking their parents in everything they do. Right now it's their way of learning, by watching other people. So it's important that we show Mase how and what to eat. Which means that we need to start eating healthier (sigh). 

Firsts/Developments: He is constantly bear crawling right now with his butt up in the air; he has started to walk around while holding onto things; pulling up on couches; throwing and dropping food; high fives; pooping in the bathtub; clapping; crawling on everything now; eating bugs and grass; etc. drinking out of a sippy cup; 

Likes: bath time; eating; putting on lotion; singing songs; talking; screeching; sleeping; crawling all over you; walking with your hands; opening cabinets; playing in the bathroom; opening cabinets;  

Dislikes: being told "no"; hungry; waking him up during sleep (he gets that from his father)

What I'm Thankful For: My hubs, family and friends. We have an awesome support system. I love it that my friends genuinely want to see Mase and spend time with him. I love that my husband is so supportive and has stepped up while I've been out of town all these weekends. I am so grateful that our families have been so willing to watch Mase if we go out to dinner or on a date. Ms. Dawn is the best - to have someone that loves Mase as much as we do is a blessing in itself! We could not have stayed sane this long without the breaks and support we've gotten from everyone. And lastly, I am grateful for my baby boy. Your smile makes the whole world brighter. You are the best thing that has happened to us and we cannot imagine a life without you! Your Daddy and I love you more than words can express.  

What I'm Looking Forward To: The Easter Egg Mania this weekend with Mase and all of his cousins!

Here's some quick recaps of what's been going on in our lives these past couple of weeks: 

The Wednesday of April 2, we went out to one of my favorite restaurants, Nakato, for my bday dinner. When I was younger, this was the coolest restaurant to go to because they cooked in front of me. Still to this day, I love going there and I was so excited to see what Mase would think. Sometimes I think I convince myself that Mase is going to have this great experience and I forget that he's 9 months old and would much rather eat the chopsticks or the chef's hat than care what's going on. However, I think he had a great time!

Our friend Jen came up to visit from Florida a couple of Thursdays ago. So we got the whole gang together. It's amazing how a few years ago we did not picture our lives looking like this: 

We went out to lunch and there were so many babies there. I loved it! 

Uncle Zach and Aunts Jen, Becky, Jenny & Kristina & Future-Wife Marlee in her chair in the back

Anderson was the sweetest and was trying to hold Mase's hand but Mason hates me and wouldn't cooperate  I couldn't get my phone out quick enough to get a pic of it

Anderson was so sweet in sharing her Puffs with Mase

This pic cracks me up. Anderson was petting Marlee lol 

Mase and Anderson

Someone was so sleepy because they missed their nap. He was such a ham throughout lunch!

Mase & Jen
That night we decided to meet them downtown for a little adult dinner and hanging out. Here are some pics of our group:

Josh and his past roomies from college! 
That next morning  was my birthday morning and I started it off right with flying with my bestie down to Florida to meet the other girls for Ki Ki's bachelorette party! Here are a couple of pics of that: 

Good-look bridal party, right?! These ladies are SO much fun! I had a blast with them and can't wait until the wedding next month!
I got back early afternoon on Sunday and had a great day taking a nap with my little guy while relaxing/recovering with my boys. I was looking forward to that next weekend because I would at least be at home even though I would be slammed. Here's how our week went:

I keep missing these guys more and more and was so excited that I would at least get to see them some this week

In honor of the Masters we had to get some pics in his awesome Masters shirt - thanks Uncle Danny!

Thanks to my awesome older Sissy for getting me this fabulous Moon & Lola necklace! Better step up your game younger Sissy!! 

His other Masters outfit. Someone was being a little bit of a D-I-V-A while picture taking that morning. Get it together and give me a good pic, Mase!

That Friday night was the opening night of the new Knights stadium with their first home game. I will say, this stadium is AWESOME!! I am so glad they moved it downtown! It was a hit with everyone else too since the tickets were sold out all weekend! Everything there was very up to date using ipad/tablets to take food orders and the black screen in center field. It was so cool! The Knights had a great game with extra innings. They lost, but it was still a blast. Thank you Paw Paw for letting us use your tickets! We had a blast and can't wait to go to lots of other games! 

This past Saturday morning I got up early to go to the Senior Games - let me tell you. The struggle was real that morning! After that we spent the rest of the weekend doing yard work. When I saw "we", I mean Josh was doing yard work while Mase and I were laying out in the sun supervising. 

Let me tell you, my kid is so funny. He is not sure about the grass. When you sit him down in the grass, it's like he's afraid if he moves that it will bit him. He will put his hands in it and try to eat it but he will not move. He literally would just sit in the grass and not move or try to crawl around. For hours. If I had known this earlier, I would have put his butt in the grass a long time ago! I've been running after him for weeks now! Here are a few of his pics:

The hat lasted all of about 3 minutes lol

Can I please tell you how much this pic makes me laugh. Baby Sasquatch sun bathing!

"I'm singing to the flower floating in the breeze"

See what I mean? These were taken over a 30 minute period and he didn't move once! 

Here are tons of videos and pics some fun times with Ms. Dawn and us over the past couple of weeks: 

We just loveee to play in the bathroom 

Whenever I walk in and say "Masonnn" he gives me the cutest smile. Good thing he's cute! 

We stopped by to see Mrs. Jane for a little while! She was so nice to read us some books and let Mason drool all over her office ;-)

We tried practicing our yoga but someone was much more interested in putting the yoga over their head

Look at the big boy walking!! 

Thank you Nae Nae for my ball! I love eating it! 

Someone had a blowout so we had to go pantless for the rest of the day lol 

Aunty Carla putting me in all sorts of places!

He had lots of fun annoying playing with Parker!

Laundry, anyone?

Kid LOVES being outside! 

Like at our house, he loves going into the bathroom. The other day, Dawn said he was just banging around on the tub. .Like below: 

This is exactly what he does in the grass lol

Home boy is a ham!

Okay, I am off here because I am so tired! I hope everyone has a great Easter week/weekend and I will be back on here next week (hopefully)!!