Monday, February 11, 2013

Registering Nightmare

I was super excited about this day and had done a LOT of research. With a ton of help from my sister, Sarah, I came up with a list of things that I wanted to put on the registry. We decided that we were going to register at Buy Buy Baby & Target. I know there aren't a lot of Buy Buy Baby’s around but there is one right down the road from us so it’s really convenient and they have everything in the store. Target also has a lot of stuff so we thought we would register there because a lot of times it’s more convenient for people to just stop by Target to pick up things.

So Monday morning, Josh and I both had the day off so we decided to knock out the registry at Buy Buy Baby. I know it would have been just as easy to register online but I am a visual person and liked the idea of going to the store to register. If any of you know me, then you know how I am about lists. I had already typed everything up on a spreadsheet and put notes beside everything as reminders of what friends/family had said to keep in mind. We walked in and got everything set up… Then they gave Josh the gun. First mistake. I take that back, the first mistake was probably letting him come, BUT he was so excited that it made me even more excited and then there was just excitement everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the fact that he wanted to come and help because that means he’s getting pumped about Mason coming! I digress.

With our registry gun in tow, we set off to what we thought was the first section. It turns out that they had different sections than I had down on my paper. Not a big deal, it was just going to take me a little longer to look at my list to see what we needed from that section. If you have ever gone into a Buy Buy Baby then you will know that there are 478302752895729 different types of pacifiers, bottles, bath tubs, nipples, teething rings, burp bibs, swaddles, etc. So, on my check list I had specific brands that I wanted to register for because I did my research! Well, try telling this to a 28 year old CHILD husband. I have to give him credit, he was very patient and helpful for the first 2 minutes beginning. Then came the “huffs” & “puffs”. This lasted all about 4 minutes. I am looking down referring to my list and I hear a “beep”, “beep”, “beep”.  I look over and Josh has taken the initiative to register for the items that “we” need. In his mind a pacifier is a pacifier and a bottle is a bottle. In my mind, it is A TOTAL FREAKING NIGHTMARE “off-the-list” registering which is a no-no. I was trying SO hard not to murder said child-husband get frustrated and tell Josh why I want to follow said list which turned out to be me following behind him throughout the store saying “that’s not on the list! Josh, we have to follow the list!” This got me nowhere BUT I didn't exactly have a meltdown. Friends, you should be very proud of me. I ended up folding my list and put it back in my purse and let him have free reign of the registration. If you know me, then you know that this was a miracle big step.

Finally, we finished about an hour and half later without any meltdowns. How did I avoid said meltdown? Knowing that I could go online as soon as I got home to change everything to what was on the list ;-) Throughout the registering, I kept reminding myself that I chose to bring him along thinking that I was so blessed to have someone that was as excited as I was about registering for our baby. Like my mother has always said, “you have to choose your battles.” Especially if it’s something I can fix later, it’s just not worth the argument and unwanted stress. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Gender Reveal

Josh and I found out on a Monday that we were having a baby boy that we would name Mason Alexander! YAYY!! Not that we wouldn't have loved a little girl just as much. So for the rest of the week we worked our booties off trying to get M’s room ready. We started cleaning out his room but we shortly figured out that we didn't have any place to put anything. We live in an old mill house so we don’t have any a lot of storage. There was another thing that we could add to our to-do list! We finally got everything cleaned out and started on decorating. What’s worse is we had to keep this secret ALL week. If you know us me, then you know how hard it is for any of the Eaker girls me to keep a secret. So, I just went to avoidance all together. Any time someone called, I would either hand the phone to Josh or ignore the calls all together. It’s amazing what people will do to get a secret from you. My bff, Celina, threatened that if I don’t tell her the gender then she would wait a whole week before she told me that she was engaged. I usually talk to my sister every day through chat and she had a very unique way of telling me what she thought we were having. We would look at bedding furniture and we would look at both boys and girls bedding. We would start out looking at both genders… then she would just send me girl things and forget the boys because she was convinced we were having a girl. The grandmothers (our parents) would tell us constantly how inconvenient it was to have to buy things for both genders knowing they would have to take back the other gender later on next week. You would think that a week was a lifetime away.

We FINALLY got the room ready and all we had to do was make the food the day of. Well, everything was going smoothly until I found out that there were two different party times being told. Apparently, Josh refuses to look  did not look at the calendar and told people to be here two hours early. If any of you know me, you know I live off of the calendar. I even found a way to sync our calendars together through our iPhones. LOOK AT THE CALENDAR, SIR!!!! So when half of the family was showing up and I hadn’t gotten ready nor had done the cupcakes…. Mommy had another meltdown. There were tears.

Thank goodness for our families being so understanding! They are SUCH a blessing. They stalled for a little bit and came back an hour later. I love them! Once everyone was back together, we got to do our gender reveal. And here’s how it turned out:

Cousin Lily playing with the balloons

Thank you family for loving me us while we get our life together. Can’t wait to meet you Baby M!!!