Friday, November 30, 2012

Telling the World

Remember how we told you that you were an accident a surprise? The best accident surprise we have ever had! We have always vowed to both families and friends that we were never going to have kids and/or we weren’t thinking about having kids right now because we were just enjoying the married life since we had just gotten married 5 months prior. After getting over the initial shock, we decided that we were going to start telling our family and friends.

Now, if you have ever met my side of the family you know that we are TERRIBLE with secrets. I made it like 3 days before I was begging Josh to let me tell my sister Sarah and brother-in-law Danny. On most days I usually chat with my sister online so we can keep up with each other since she lives in Raleigh. Well we were chatting and I told her that I had a secret. That hooker immediately guessed that I was pregnant. I think she knew but I think she was unsure because when I confirmed it the very next message was “I can’t believe you told me at work. I’m sitting here crying in my office.” She gets a little weepy when she’s excited. Then we told your Uncle Danny and we all talked and laughed about it on my way home from work. Whenever we got home that afternoon we stopped by my parents house and told my little sister, Sydney, who responded: "are you fu**ing with me?" No sister, we are not fu**ing with you ;-))

Later on that night we called Uncle David and asked him to call us back whenever he got home from Grandma Debbie and Pop Pop’s house because we had something to tell them. When they did call us and we told them to which they thought we were lying to them. We even sent them a picture of the little bean that we got from the ultra sound and they STILL wouldn't believe us. They told us, “that picture is dated 04/04/88.” Well yes, that would be my birthday you weirdos and I'm pretty sure they didn't have ultra sounds in 1988 (or did they??)!! After all this, they were still debating whether it was real or not and said that if this was some cruel joke that they were going to be really angry at us.

The following morning was a Saturday and we decided that we were going to tell your Uncle Tracy. So we called him but forgot that he was three hours behind (he lives in Washington state) so we ended up waking him up at 7:00 am when it was 10:00 am our time. His response? “Dan already pulled that joke on me last week.” Seriously people?? We ended up having to send over the ultra sound pic again for him to somewhat believe us.

Finally it was down to our parents. The following weekend the Kellers came down for all of us to go out to eat. That night at dinner we told them we were knocked up expecting. There were no cheers. There were no hugs. There was complete silence. Their response? “No you’re not. It’s not nice to get our hopes up like that.” UGH. Again with the pictures for us to finally somewhat convince them that we weren't lying to them and even at that they still weren't entirely sure about it.

I don't really have a way with words so we thought it would be better to get a card to put the picture in it for my parents. So the following night when we went over to hang out with my parents I got them this really funny card about butt-cracks and in it I put one of the pictures from our ultra sound. If you know me, you know that I will spend at least 30 minutes on the card aisle finding the perfect hilarious card to get my message across. My father was on the phone so I let my mom open the card first. She immediately went to the picture and got this look of pure shock. She mouthed to us, “are you okay? How?” Listen lady, if you need for me to explain to you “how” this happened we are going to have some issues. She then hurried my father off the phone so he could read the card. It took the man forever to read it – because he actually read the entire card and looked at the picture last. And then just sat there staring at it. All I could think about was, “I’ve done it. I’ve finally given this poor man a heart attack.” After a while, he turned around and said, “It’s that damn house!” Apparently, they had the same thing happen to them whenever they lived in our house after they got married. Ha!

After having to prove to everyone that we WERE indeed pregnant - and after they got over the shock - everyone was beyond excited for us! To this day they continue to make sure that we don't forget that we said we were NEVER having children. God does work in mysterious ways! But we’re so glad He has blessed us with the GREATEST gift!! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Story

Hi friends! I am just starting this whole blogging thing, so please work with me on this ;-) Since I got a really late start on this I’m trying to backlog on all the important things I want Mason to be able to look back on if he chooses. Who am I kidding? Boys don’t really care about this but it’s nice to turn back time every once in a while. Here’s a little background on what our lives are like right now.

Mommy & Daddy’s love story:

Josh and I met about eight years ago at a Hickory Crawdads game on a Thirsty Thursday night. I was still in high school and Josh was just about to start his college/baseball career at Lenoir Rhyne. We always kept hearing about the other person through Aunt Sarah & Uncle Tracy who were very good friends at Appalachian State University. All of their friends kept telling us that we would be perfect for each other, get married and have “super babies” that would come out throwing bullets with their super-arm (FAPOWW)! We both thought each other were cute but nothing came out of it until Josh’s last year playing ball at Lenoir Rhyne and we decided to start hanging out. Let’s just say blame your dad it wasn't good timing. Long story short, we finally got back together a year and a half later at an ASU Homecoming game and the rest is history. Yes, it’s cliché and mushy, but your father is my other half and my very best friend. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without him (literally). ;-))

Our friends turned out to be right; we are perfect for each other and got engaged on Cinco de Mayo May 5, 2011 (and we were both sober) and then married June 30, 2012 – probably the hottest day on record that year. We had a BLAST and have enjoyed getting closer this past year. Here’s a few of our favorite pics from our engagement and wedding day:

We were just getting settled into married life when we went out to see Nick & Blair get married in Vegas! It was such a beautiful wedding. I think this is the first hint that I started thinking that I might be pregnant. Your dad swears that he had the same feeling because of the way I was always complaining about how terrible everything smelled and how I was eating like a linebacker inhaling food every few hours.

We had just gotten back home when we were given the unfortunate news that my 16 year old daughter dog and life time friend, Matilda Jean, was not doing so well. We knew this was coming but I still thought that we would have lots of time before we had to say goodbye to her. To say Mommy was inconsolable a mess is an understatement. Here are a few pics to see how great of a friend she was to us:

That night, I was talking to Granny on my way home from work when she made the comment, “well Kate, we know Maddie is in a better place right now. Who knows, she may have even left you behind a present to help you cope with this grief.” I knew what she was hinting at but I told her that I didn't think that was possible. Remember Mason, Granny is always right. I got spooked and stopped by to get a pregnancy test because I couldn't remember when my last period was. I hadn't even gotten done peeing on the stick when the line showed up. My first thought was, “aren't you supposed to wait 30 seconds or something?” Apparently not. Now, I haven’t had any a lot experiences with a pregnancy test and I thought maybe I ate something that could trick the test into thinking I was pregnant. I didn't tell your Dad that night but waited again to take another test in the morning. Both were positive. I text Josh to see when he was coming home for lunch because I had to talk to him about something. His response? “You’re pregnant.” How romantic. Later that night, Daddy had a meltdown.

Don’t get us wrong, Mason. We are beyond excited for you to come. It was just a little shocking to us because we weren't expecting this. God threw us a curve ball and boy did it have some break on it. This just goes to show that only God knows our plans and He won’t put anything on our plates that we can’t handle and birth control is not 100% effective.

That Thursday we went to the doctor for our confirmation appointment. The nurse came back to us and said, “wow, we usually only see these results with twins.” Not okay ma’am, and do NOT tell my husband that. Of course, she did as soon as she walked in the room. I thought we might have a “man down” or were going to face another Daddy meltdown. Turns out, there was only one in there ;-) When we got in the room to see the doctor he told us that we had to narrow down a time period of when we thought he was conceived in order to see if we were far enough along to get an ultra sound. Well, that was a problem because we seriously had NO idea and I take my birth control religiously at the same time The only thing that we could think of was the middle of October I was sick and was taking antibiotics. Come to find out it was before that on September 28. WHAT? I was floored at which I expressed my confusion with "that can't be right. We're married, we only do it on special occasions. There was nothing in the calendar that day!" I received an impressive glare from my husband for that!

But we got an ultra sound and here is your very first pic, Mason:

So Mason, here is our journey. No, we weren't expecting you. Yes, you were an accident. BUT we cannot wait until you come. We are counting down the days! Words cannot express how much we love you already! And no matter what Daddy says, if you don’t like baseball… We will find a way to accept that ;-)