Friday, November 15, 2013

Sir $hits-a-lot Strikes Again

Just when you think you're in the clear.... Sir $hits-a-lot strikes again. We were really going good for a while and not having blowouts. Well, that changed this week. Everyone told me this happened but I really thought they were exaggerating. When people would talk about this, I would often wonder if there were something wrong with their child. I mean seriously, who can possibly have that many blowouts? And there's also their exaggeration when they say it comes out different directions. How does it come out of the back? The front? The sides? Isn't that what the diaper is for?? Then I look in his britches and it all makes sense. Sometimes, I don't even have to look in his pants. It's clearly all over his clothes. We lost a lot of good men in the britches war zone this week alone. He's managed to poop through his sleeping onesie AND swaddle (twice); his entire outfit which included a onesie, corduroy pants, vest AND MY CLOTHES (how you manage to crap through those and then onto my shirt is.... amazing. Seriously, I'm not even mad. I'm impressed); and a sweater onesie that he was wearing yesterday.

To make matters worse, when I go to change him he is a bundle of joy and blatantly laughs in my face. I'm not talking giggles, I'm talking full belly laughs and squeals. He's so stealthy about it too. For example, when we returned from some errands earlier this week I was getting him out of the car seat ever so gently as to not wake him up and let him sleep on me because we all know that if you manage to get him from the car seat and into your arms without waking him up is a success. I was NOT going to chance having to put him down in his crib without waking him up. No complaints, right? Wrong. Right about the time I sat down with my sweet little sleeping nugget, I smell it. He has cleverly caught me in a inner battle. Do I wake him up if he's sleeping? No. Therefore, I have to sit through his crappy-poop-pants smell for AN HOUR!! It gets better. He wakes up giggling and smiling. I start to change him. He's pooped through his onesie, cordoroy pants, vest AND onto my clothes!! How does this happen? Is there any even in his diaper??? It looked like a sewer tank exploded in his britches and no on mine. So while I changed everything, he was looking like this for the next hour or so:

Who me? I would never poop all over you Mommy!
This is what my life has come to. What they say is true, the first year of their life is filled with conversations about poop. Good thing you're cute, kid! Just remember, pay back is a bia and you're not putting me in a home when I'm older!

Here's a few other things that have been happening this week:

Go Panthers!!! He crapped through this outfit, too. 

We LOVED visiting Mrs. Jane this week at church! 

Breakfast with Paw Paw is our favorite!

I just can't get enough of him!! 
We ALSO started food this week. He didn't really seem to hate it. Ms. Dawn has been practicing with the spoon lately so I had high hopes for tonight. And Poop Magoo did not disappoint:

Next up, we are hosting our first Thanksgiving tomorrow for the Keller side of the family. I can't wait to assist supervise  the chef in making it! Happy Friday y'all!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween & 4 Month Check Up

Time has been FLYING by us lately. And before I knew it, M is 4 months old!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? I'm going to need for him to slow down! I know we can't wait until he's a little more mobile but I keep telling myself to enjoy this time now because it is going by wayyyy too fast! Soon he's not going to want to cuddle with me anymore like his father! I have LOTS to catch up on so let's get into it ;-)

Last Thursday (Halloween), we went to Monroe to attend our very first Halloween party at the Bostics house. I have been SO excited for this and am so glad that Joshy agreed to go with me. I've said this before but it is so much fun and such a relief to go to parties/gatherings that are kid friendly. M was happy to see his future girlfriend Ashley:

We were  worried that M wasn't going to cooperate since he didn't really have a good afternoon nap. But he was SO good! He was very content on taking everything in. I am very grateful to have a flexible baby that just goes with the flow! Here are some more pics of the party:

This was our before shot. 

Between juggling M, i wasn't able to get a pic of the Hankster (Heather's son). He was such a cute puppy though! After the party, we headed to Mi Mi's house to see them before it was M's bed time.

After Paw Paw's we HAD to go visit Ms. Dawn. Of course, she got the best pic of the night. Aren't they just the cutest?

After Ms. Dawn's we went to our last stop to see Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chip. We lasted about 10 minutes there and then it was too close to bed time. M let us know very quickly that he was tired and wanted to go to bed ASAP!

All in all, he did AWESOME! I kind of expected him to hate me get mad and not want to take pictures. But he was just good with whatever we did.

Halloween was just the beginning of our fun-filled weekend. Friday night was very relaxing. It was the first night in weeks that we didn't have anything to do so we enjoyed just hanging out. Saturday we spent getting the house ready for my brother from another mother Jason and his fiance Becca's wedding shower. We were super stoked about this. It was a App State/Wake Forest tailgating shower! If there's one thing we know how to do it's drinking tailgating! Unfortunately, this was the only pic I remembered to take:

Bo Bo (Ryan - my youngest brother from another mother)

We had a blast with this shower! Everything came together perfectly and I hope they thought it was as much fun as we did!

We kicked Sunday off by taking M to his first church service. He was very into the sermon as you can see:

He's just "praying." I do this all the time sometimes. 
After the service he and Cousin Lilly were having a bonding moment:

Following church service, we went home to change then headed out to tailgate for the Panther's game. Here's a couple of shots from that:

The hattt!!! I LOVE IT!! Personal "Suck it, Keller" to my hubby for hating this hat. He is SO cute!! 

He hated me in this pic

We were so excited to finally meet Ms. Marlee M's other future girlfriend. He's a lady's man! 

This was the ending result of our day. I will say that I'm not the least embarrassed that it was only 6:30 pm and we went to bed. I'm blaming it on the Time Change ;-)

Now that we're mostly up to speed... We went to the doctor this morning for M's 4 month check up - YAYY!!! M was SUCH  a ham. He was asking her all kinds of questions this morning. Well, not really questions. He was just screaming at her. It was hilarious! That was until he go his two shots :( But he took those like a big boy too!

Here are our growth updates:

Head Circumference: 16.25 cm - 25%
Length: 25.5 in - 75%
Weight: 15 lbs - 50%

All in all everything looked great! We basically discussed how we're going to start working in rice cereal. I am SO excited about this part. We learned that it's probably better for him to still drink his formula milk/bottle before we start trying the food since he gets so hungry all of a sudden. One minute he is fine and playing. The next, he is a nightmare screaming his head off for food. Seriously. You'd think that we hadn't fed him in days!

Likes: baths, laughing, mirrors, people, people watching, reading books, playmats, standing, his jumper, eating, sleeping, pooping

Dislikes: getting his diaper changed, burping, being hungry - there's really not a lot of things he dislikes. He is such an easy baby. We are beyond blessed!

What I'm excited for: starting to work in food. I've been waiting for this for an entire month now! I'm also excited that we get to stay home this weekend. Even though I work, it will be nice that we won't have to pack everything up again!

What I'm dreading: his growing up too fast!

How Mom's doing: other than still being a fatass not fitting in my clothes, everything is great. Like I've said 2378497345 times, I want time to slow down! I am not ready for him to grow so big! Just looking at Marlee last weekend reminded me that just a few months ago he was so small. How do you mom's do this???

I am exhausted so I will leave you with some more of my favorite pics and a video of things happening this past week:

Look what M and Ms. Dawn made!! I absolutely LOVE getting these things from their time together. I am BEYOND grateful that God sent her my way! 

I'm pretty positive he has a crush on Ms. Jenna. He absolutely adores her!! 

Hamming it up for Ms. Jenna 

Got two with my good camera! 

All this playing is exhausting! 

Mommy & Daddy selfie from Sat night! 
And lastly, a video that is BEYOND CUTE:

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this kid. And his father too!

Happy Hump Day everyone! I'll be back soon hopefully!!