Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My 1st Birthday

Hello friends! I have been reminded by several followers that I am failing as a blogger since you're required to update more than once a month. Sorry bout it! I know I have a TON of stuff to catch up on but let's just save that for next month another rainy day/night. I will eventually get to Mason's 1 year round up but for now, I will blog about his fabulous birthday parties. Plural? Yes, he had two. He's kind of a big deal if you hadn't heard! That - and it would get wayyy too expensive if we had one big party. So we decided to do one party in Charlotte the weekend before his birthday for our Charlotte fam and friends then another on his actual birthday in Hickory with fam and friends up there.

Your first child's 1st birthday party is always a huge deal, right? Right!! That week leading up to his Charlotte birthday party we were so slammed with friends and Uncle Tracy coming in that come party time I literally threw up balloons, put out tablecloths, and called it a day. Thank goodness for the help of some family members that helped us out by making side dishes and chili for hamburgers and hot dogs. They say the second child you don't go all out... so he/she may not even get a party at this point, ha! Here are some pics of our day:

Lil dressing her part to match the theme. That romper sure is cute! Someone has very good taste!

That morning my poor little party boy woke up with a HUGE swollen eye because he wanted to ruin Mommy's photos. He looked like a modern day Quasimodo. We still have no clue what it was. At first, we thought he had an allergic reaction to a bug bite we found on his temple. But it was swollen more on his eyelid so we thought he had fallen at some point and given himself a black eye. I will state that if it was indeed a black eye that we have no clue how he got it. Another Parents of the Year moment, I guess. However, at the end of the next day all the swelling is gone which means we rule out the black eye thing, right?? I chalked it up to him hating me and wanting to ruin my pictures that day. SIGH. 

Mommy, Daddy and little Quasimodo

He loved his cake that Mommy made him from scratch. Yep, we're fancy.

Lil was helping him eat his cake. Isn't she the sweetest?

Our little Quasi LOVES his Grannie!

His smile just melts my heart in this pic. I believe we have a thrill-seeker in our future.

We were so glad that his girlfriend, Marlee, came to swim with him at his party!

Too much cuteness for one picture! 

That next Wednesday night we went up to the cabin to stay for a couple of days before heading to Hickory for the weekend. Here are a few pics from our adventures from there:

Mase was obsessed with this water table

Early afternoon I went into town to visit with some of my favorite bosses. They were always so good to me and I miss the days where I called HP my home!

Isn't this chunkster just the cutest?!

We walked down to this creek that cabin is on to let Mase play in the water. 

This is right before he started touching all the rocks around him as a "test" to see which ones were sturdy enough for him to climb on. This kid is nuts!

This is when the parents started getting our pregame on to go out into town.... at 9:00 pm. We.are.old.

At our old stomping grounds. I will say that we were the ONLY people in the bar and were officially "those old people." We had a blast though! #parentsgonewild #nobodygoestothebarbefore12 

Friday morning we got everything packed up to head down to Hickory so we could test out Grandma Debbie & Pop Pops new pool! A little background on this pool. I have been waiting for 4 years for them to get a pool. All it took was for us to mention that since Mi Mi & Paw Paw were selling their house and poor Mase wouldn't be able to swim anymore for them to put one in. If this was the case I would have gotten knocked up a long time ago! Grandkids make them gparents crazy and I love it! Needless to say I was beyond excited about the weekend long party that was about to take place. And they did not disappoint! Here are a few pics of our weekend:

He loves his Uncle Tracy!

Mase had so much fun playing on this ledge where he could climb in and out of the pool whenever he wanted. 

The fabulous desserts that we made! Mackenzie and I spent most of Saturday morning making these cake pops which turned out better than the ones that we bought from a cupcake place. And Ms.soon-to-be-future-Mrs. if Chet will hurry up and put a ring on it Abby made some delicious cupcakes and Mase's smash cake. 

We're still working on the whole "blowing out the candle" thing.

Mase is so spoiled by Grandma Debbie! She came back from the store with this surprise water table for his birthday. Thank you so much! He LOVES playing with it. We're still working on keeping the water inside the table, ha.

Mi Mi got him this cute chair with his name on it. He likes to sit in it sometimes but mostly he likes to use it as a climbing block to climb onto the recliner. What is with all the climbing??

Meet our new pets, Katy & Josh from our favorite Grannie D! Mason enjoys feeding them and banging on their cage ;-)

Well friends, that is all for tonight. Mama is beat! I hope to get on here some time later this week to play catch up but... who knows when that will happen. I will try to get better, friends! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! XOXOXO