Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Hello again! I wanted to do a quick weekend roundup before the Halloween post goes out later on this week. This past weekend we went to Hickory to visit and help David & Leah move. We were going to go to the Black Saturday game at ASU Saturday morning-or at least the RMA 5k that morning- but M still wasn't feeling his best and I did not want him to be out in the cold. So instead we did a little shopping until David and Leah were ready for us to start helping. They're moving into a new house down the road later on this month. We are so excited for them because we know it's going to be a great move for them as well as we now have a new pool hang out spot when we go visit in the summers! Yayy!!

I will go on record to say that Leah and I were master moving supervisors in our attempt to direct the boys on what things should be put in first, where the boxes should go and to also remind them on things that still needed to go in the moving truck. I'm sure they wanted to murder us couldn't have done this without us.

On one of our previous visits, I had mentioned that I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch to take pics with M. During our Wednesday night chat this past week, Deb told me that Pop Pops had found this great place he was going to take us to. So Sunday morning we got up and went to do a little more shopping then we started making our way to Buffalo Beals (I just found out that it was Beals and not Bills - ha!). For those who don't know me quite well, I love animals and 9 times out of 10 I get along better with animals than I do with humans. My favorite days at work are when we get to visit Lazy 5 Ranch and the Zoo. When discussing the pumpkin patch, I thought this was just your regular pumpkin patch farm. So when we got there, I was about to pee myself  so excited to learn that this was a mini zoo!!!!!! LIKE A LAZY 5 RANCH!!! EEEEEEEK!!! And even better, M was excited too! He was jumping up and down in the Bjorn while talking to the animals.

*To the mothers and teachers out there, this place is AWESOME! They have hay rides as well! If you ever get a chance to go here, you should jump on it!*

**From what I gathered about this place, it is a family owned farm/mini zoo. While we were there, they also had elephants that you could ride on. They have tons of animals but to name a few are: buffalos, kangaroos, birds, lots of monkeys, lemurs, porcupines, an ostrich, apes, baboons, pigs, mini horses, horses, prairie dogs, camels (Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike - HUMP DAYYYYY!!!!), and more! I said 234879523743 times yesterday that the only thing that would make it the best mini zoo ever is if they had a giraffe. But according to their website they did have one which makes me SOOOOO sad because I seriously walked around this entire place looking for him/her since they are my favorite animal! Next time, I WILL find him/her!!! If you would like more information or would like to donate which I plan to do, sorry Joshy!!  then please hop on over to their website @ **

Here are some pics of our day:


His butt - hehehe

Ewww your hairrrr!!! 

This might be my fav! 

I loved this little guy! He was so hairy and cute!

This is the cool horse/zebra that we saw. 

Hello Mr. Zebra!

Grandma Debbie & Pop Pops

Mr. Sylvester the Snake that Joshy almost stepped on. Watch out Joshy!


Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike!

Zoe the Zebra-Ass!
Side note - we only saw one zebra on the farm but apparently he was a zebra pimp because there were lots of little horse-zebras and zebra-asses! 

Home boy was GONE! 

We had an absolute BLAST this past weekend! We can't wait to go back again! We are very excited about this week as well since we have our very first Halloween party on Thursday. We'll check back in this weekend!

Have a great week friends!