Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Fudge Up

Ever since I was little, I remember my Dad going all out on Mother’s Day. I never really understood why until recently when my mother enlightened me with this story: Mom was pregnant with my sister, Sarah, on her first Mother’s Day. That morning my Dad had gotten up and went to get and deliver a present complete with flowers to my Grandmother that lived down the road. Well, she waited and waited all day and my father never brought home anything for her nor did he mention Happy Mother’s Day to her. Finally, she asked him why he didn't get her anything or at least acknowledge Mother’s Day to her. He looked at her with a confused expression and said, “Well, you’re not my mother.” Let’s just say he has NEVER lived it down. So each year he goes above and beyond with Mother’s Day presents.

I've come to the conclusion that men just don’t get it. It’s not 100% their fault. They just seem to ignore or completely miss the obvious. Here’s another example: I've been hinting to Josh the past couple of weeks that Mother’s Day is coming up so we could avoid the mistakes. Apparently, I didn't spell it out to him make it clear because this morning he informed me that I needed to call my Mother to make sure that I told her “Happy Mother’s Day.” I waited and waited to see if he was going to wish me one. If you know me, you
know I do not have struggle with patience. So, here’s how the conversation went:

Let me clarify, I am NOT upset that I did not get a gift. I am upset that because I haven’t actually given birth to a child means that I am not a mother. Have I not changed my eating habits? Have I not gone off of my medication? Have I not changed my workout routines? Have I not lost sleep worrying about M or being a mom or just being uncomfortable? And I guess I wanted to spend lots of money buying expensive maternity clothes because I can’t fit into my regular clothes, right? I guess my boobs have gotten bigger for no reason? I don’t drink alcohol anymore because I wanted to make my liver healthy again and because I look forward to driving you around while you are waste-face, right? That never gets annoying! Oh, and I just LOVE not feeling attractive when people feel the need to tell me such flattering things like my “face is getting fatter” or “am I sure my baby is healthy because I’m too skinny.” I guess I asked to go through all the body changes and mood swings and emotional breakdowns. I wanted those to happen, right? You think I am in love the idea of my hoo ha being ripped open and squeezing a watermelon out? I’m still not convinced it’s ever the same again!

Don’t get me wrong, I would not change ANY of this. I am so grateful and blessed that I have this opportunity and would go through it 192340823547235893 times again if that’s what it takes to meet Mason. I have earned the right to be recognized as a mother because I am the one that has been making sacrifices and have changed my lifestyle because I want to be the best mother I can.  And I know Josh didn't intentionally say this to hurt my feelings because he has been so great and supportive during this entire pregnancy. I truly believe he just didn't think about it like this. But it really hurt my feelings because a lot of times I feel like it’s viewed as I’m carrying a baby and it’s not that big of a deal. I think a lot of men don’t realize everything that you’re going through. They’re just oblivious to it all.

Bottom line: I feel like as soon as you know you’re pregnant, you are a mother. You change your lifestyle to do what’s best for your child. And I’m expecting a “happy Mother’s Day” because I have earned it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tom Moore 5k/ Our First Baby Shower

Whew, we had a crazy busy weekend last weekend. Friday afternoon we headed up to Hickory visiting family and friends. We grilled out with Josh’s parents and then headed out for a couple of waters for this lady drinks with Stev-o & D-roc at this new Blue Moon restaurant which was fabulous! We didn’t stay too late since we had to get an early start the next morning for the Tom Moore 5k in Boone.

A few years ago, I was on the planning committee at Appalachian for this event and worked under the great Sherri Wilson & Stephanie West (you will hear about them a lot Mason because they were Mommy’s saviors in college). The Tom Moore 5k Run/Walk is very close to my heart for many reasons. This event honors Tom Moore, a member of the community who has been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. Tom and his family are some of the strongest people I know so we will be going to this event as much as we can.

I registered for the walk and to show my support. Josh registered to be an overachiever and run it, leaving me to walk by myself the whole way (sigh). BUT I was not the last person, so I was very satisfied with that. Fine, I must confess, I didn’t walk the entire thing. It was a longer than I remembered so I turned around with about a quarter of a mile left when I found my secret crush friend Clark Evan. We had a nice long chat on the walk back and I was very grateful that Clark Evan was nice enough to slow down to my pace because this Mommy was out.of.breath. Josh showed off did great by running under his goal time of 35 minutes! Great job, Joshy!

After the race we went to eat with Clark Evan, Stephanie, Sherri, Hannah & Anna, at my favorite pasta place in Boone, Portofinos. It was DELICIOUS! I have to remember to start taking more pics for you to truly understand the greatness of everything I’m talking about. (Sigh) This will change! Anyways, we had such a great time catching up with everyone and can’t wait until next year!

That evening I got the pleasure of driving Josh, Derrick, & Ech around Hickory for Cinco de Mayo. I have to admit, they were pretty funny so I can’t really complain. We started off at El Paso where I made one of the boys gave me their free t-shirt that was given when you order a bucket of beer. Then we made our way to the Salty Lazy Dog where I beat Ech in the last play of the final round of Shuffleboard. This chick is AWESOME and Ech is a sore loser :-P

Sunday was our first baby shower given by Aunt Leah & Grandma Debbie. It was a baseball theme and everything turned out SOOO cute! They even got the boys minus Uncle David to help out with setting up for it. Seriously, Aunt Leah really outdid herself. It never ceases to amaze me on how crafty she is! We got SOO much great things from this shower and we are extremely blessed to have such a great support system. Here are a few hundred pictures:

Cousins Mack & Chase

Until next time, have a great day!