Monday, September 23, 2013

Crafts Make Mommy Crazy

As most of you know, I am over the preschool programs at my work. So a lot of my time is dedicated to researching for new craft ideas for my lesson plans. I get a lot of craft kits from places like Oriental Trading but lately I have been so disappointed with their selection. Therefore, Pinterest has become my best friend. The only downside of Pinterest is that I usually have to make everything myself. This really isn't a downside considering I absolutely LOVE doing crafts. On Wednesday afternoon, I was starting to prepare for Friday's storytime class. We were going to read The Pout-Pout Fish so I decided to make some crafts I found online. Since we had some help (I am not going to call out anyone so I am going to refer to them as "help") coming in and one was a female I waited for her to help me because there was a LOT of cutting involved. Now, I assumed that just because she was female meant that she could cut. BUT in my defense, I even asked her if she could cut and she said yes. Here we are cutting away on things and all is well in my world. I personally don't talk in "craft mode" because this time is very soothing to me. (No judging here people.) Due to being in said "craft mode," I didn't even bother looking over her shoulder or watching her cut.

Friday morning rolls around and I am starting to prepare for class. I was putting the pieces together and they felt jagged. In taking a closer look, this is what I found:

The edges!!!! 

Not cutting on the line!!!
SHE LIED!!!! SHE WAS NOT A GOOD CUTTER AND SHE LIED!!!! The edges are NOT smooth!! And she didn't cut.on.the.line. At this point, I am on the verge of a panic attack. 

Now, I know what you're thinking. Does this lady realize she's crazy? Yes, and I accept this 100%. How can I teach preschoolers if I freak out over bad cutting? It's not the fact that homegirl did not know how to cut and that she lied and said she could!!. I felt that I could not hand these out to my parents. The parents pay for these classes and I can not hand out something that it looks like a 2 year old cut them out. If I'm going to make crafts, they have to be presentable to the parents. (And I learned my lesson. Never ask someone to do something if you're especially anal about it.) Did you buy all that? Fine. I'll be truthful. Although, that is a very legit argument, I also had to take a step back from everything. During my classes, I often have to kindly remind some of my parents that their children are 2-4 years old and they need to learn on their own. So what if it's not good? So what if the snowman's nose is where his eyeball should be? So what if their child's four leaf clover is the leaf of death black instead of green? They're children! This was also a nice reminder to myself that not everyone is as anal as I am about making sure all the lines are straight and there are no curved edges. What happens when Mason doesn't care if his edges look like crap? Will Mommy have a heart attack? Maybe or I'll probably just take his scissors away.  It's definitely going to be an adventure for me!!

After I went back through everything, here are the finished products from class: 

Our very own Pout-Pout fish

And Mr. Octopus

After my mini panic attack, things started looking up last weekend! That afternoon we enjoyed hanging out at home - which we haven't done in months!
LOVES being outdoors!

Saturday morning we woke up and did yard work. Well, in all honesty, Joshy did yard work and we supervised. Ha! Then we went over to Aunt Hayley and Uncle Lee's for dinner. Here's some more pics from our day:


Shout out to HIGHlarious Uncle Tracy and Heather! Blondes do look like they have more fun!! 

Ed, Cynthia and Laura came over to visit while we were at Casa de Nester
We didn't get back until late from Aunt Hayley's so Sunday morning we slept in late. Once we got up we went for a walk. As usual, anything involving physical activity M passed out (he must get this from his father) 

He gone.

It was an awesome weekend at the Keller house. Here are a few random pics from this past week at Ms. Dawn's and random photos:

They look so much alike, it's annoying. I carried you for 10 months, Sir! The only thing he got from me is his feet - bless his heart. 

I am in love with this outfit.

Ms. Dawn's little helper!

Then this morning we had another break through! I was hearing him grunting on the monitor and happened to look at it. I thought something looked strange then figured it out... I was staring at the back of his head! Little Man rolled over for the very first time!! I'm not going to lie, it looked like the bottom of a burrito because he was swaddle up and face down. But YAYYYY he's getting so big and rolling over now! I'm pretty sure it scared him more than anything and hopefully he'll learn to turn his head when he does roll over face down - it will definitely make Mommy less stressed! I leave you with this cuteness: 

Happy Monday!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just Another Day...

.. In the life of the Kellers. I'm pretty sure M is going through a growth spurt (whenever he is being difficult I tend to blame it on this - he sure goes through a lot!). Either that or he may be getting a cold. Or he may just hate us. The past couple of days he has been clingy towards me - normally I wouldn't mind because I usually have to force cuddle with him - but this is extreme cling. It wouldn't be so bad if he'd let me actually hold him but most of the time he wants to play but he has to make sure he physically sees me. Or else we get this:
Good morning everyone!
Makes my life a little bit harder when I'm trying to get ready in the mornings. Re: not cuddling = he hates me. I'm blaming it on a growth spurt because he's just so happy all the time.

He has gotten a couple of "firsts" this past week! This last weekend he was hanging out with his Daddy while I was working all. Joshy was scared to be alone with him all weekend so he decided to go on a day trip to Hickory to visit Gma Debbie and Pop Pops. On his way up there Josh looked in the rear view mirror and saw M take his pacifier out of his mouth and put it back in all by himself!! And I just now realized that he did this while driving down the road - EYES ON THE ROAD JOSHY!! He is getting so good at gripping things now! I experienced this firsthand this morning when I went to pick him up out of his bed and he grabbed a lot of my hair. He enjoys just holding it. Kind of weird but whatev!

Here's a couple of pics from M's trip to Hickory:

Mackenzie giving M kisses

M with Great Grandma Charlcie
Another one of his "firsts" concerns spitting. M has started drooling a lot more. But instead of letting the drool go down his chin, it's like he keeps it in his mouth and then he'll spit it out. And when I say spit, he spits a pretty good distance. Seriously, who does that? Am I raising a camel?? Does anyone else have any experience with this?

We really haven't had a lot going on this week, so I will leave you with tons some cuteness:

He just wants me to stay home and cuddle!

Seriously so cute!

I threw this one in here because it's that time of year again!! Who's excited for trashy blow up yard art?!?! THIS GIRL!!! Sorry bout it, Joshy!

Our little Stinker with Aunt Sal

I can't stop with the cuteness....

"If you're ready come and get it"

And finally, here is a HIGHlarious video of Joshy and M: